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Cyprus welcomes Israeli international business people  and high net worth individuals offering  many benefits

Cyprus can be the gateway to Europe for Israeli investors

Become a Cyprus Tax Resident Individual and enjoy many  benefits, including:

  • no tax on gains arising from the disposal of investments
  • no withholding tax on the repatriation of income as dividends, interest and royalties
  • income tax exemptions for taking up employment in Cyprus up to fifty percent of the remuneration for 10 years for employment income of more than €100,000 per annum
  • no tax on worldwide dividend and interest income for non-domiciled individuals for 17 years
  • no tax on retirement gratuity and special tax regime on foreign pension income
  • extensive double tax treaty network.

Cyprus Residency and Citizenship by Investment:

  • Take advantage of the Cyprus Investment Programme which  offers the possibility of  Cyprus residency or citizenship through foreign direct investment.

The  Cyprus Holding Company offers numerous advantages, including

  • Income from dividends is tax free
  • Gains on the sale of shares are tax free.
  • Tax free distributions by Cyprus Holding Companies to their non-resident  or non-domiciled resident shareholders
  • foreign individuals can obtain work permits and tax residency certificate (cyprus non-domiciled tax status).

Cyprus Non-Dom Tax Residency

  • For tax purposes, an individual is normally considered to be a Cyprus tax resident if he/she is physically present in Cyprus for more than 183 days in a calendar year
  • Alternatively, as of 1stJanuary 2017, under the ‘60 day rule’, an individual can be considered as a Cyprus tax resident subject to certain conditions
  • Individuals can be deemed as non-domiciled tax residents of Cyprus if they have not been born in Cyprus or have not lived in Cyprus for at least the last 17 years
  • Under the status of non-dom tax residency in Cyprus, you can benefit from a variety of additional tax benefits.

You can become a Cyprus tax resident by staying in Cyprus 60 days!

In order to become a Cyprus tax resident on the basis of the “60 day rule” you must meet the following conditions:

  • remain in Cyprus for at least 60 days during a tax year, and
  • do not reside in any other single state for a period exceeding 183 days, and
  • is not tax resident in any other state; and
  • carry out business activities and/or work in Cyprus and/or be a director in a Cyprus tax resident company; and
  • maintain a permanent residence in Cyprus (either owned or rented).

The Cyprus Investment Programme

  • Take advantage of the Cyprus Investment Programme which  offers the possibility of  Cyprus residency or citizenship through foreign direct investment
  • As a Registered Citizenship Service Provider in the relevant Registry of Citizenship Service Providers with Reg. No. 583, we are able to provide all the assistance with:
    1. Obtaining the Cyprus Citizenship
    2. Obtaining a permanent residence permit
    3. Immigration services.

Why Choose Cyprus

  • Strategic Location at gateway between Europe, Africa and Middle East
  • Excellent climate and lifestyle
  • EU member state
  • Low tax rates
  • High level professional services industry.

Why Choose CosmoServe

  • We have over 28 years of experience
  • We are a multidisciplinary firm of professional accountants, lawyers and business consultants
  • We are a ‘one stop shop’.

How we can help

  • Company formation
  • Accounting & audit
  • International tax planning
  • Liaison with local tax professionals
  • Residency and Citizenship
  • Set up offices
  • Property acquisition
  • All other corporate & fiduciary services.

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