International Business Consultants

About CosmoServe

CosmoServe was founded in 1991 in Cyprus for the purpose of providing a comprehensive range of services to international business clients and high net worth individuals. It is a team of specialist professionals, organised in departments, grouping together all the necessary disciplines to ensure that a high quality service is provided to clients, suitably tailored to meet their particular requirements.

Today, CosmoServe is a multidisciplinary firm of professional Business Consultants, Lawyers, Accountants, Economists, Tax Consultants and others, specialising in the provision of consultancy, management, legal and administrative services to international business and individuals on a worldwide scale, in the fields of international and local tax planning,  company formation in many jurisdictions around the world, legal & corporate services, trustee & fiduciary services, auditing, accounting and tax services, business administration, banking, virtual office facilities and general support services.

Our Mission

To provide services to our clients at an excellent level, and on a worldwide scale, to assist them to achieve both their business and financial objectives.

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