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CosmoServe in Cyprus concerning COVID 19

In the worldwide alert situation in relation to COVID-19, we hope that everybody is safe and well.

In our offices in Cyprus we are committed to providing our best possible services.

We will continue in operation, taking all the appropriate protection measures.

Whilst some of us are working from home, we maintain sufficient people in our offices to provide our normal high quality and prompt services.

Currently, we can provide all the normal services, even if sometimes it may take a longer time for the completion, due to restrictions in physical presence in Government offices, banks, etc.

However, please be informed that severe restrictions have been imposed on travelling to and from Cyprus.

If you had any plans to travel to Cyprus,  please check carefully or contact us to provide you with more relevant details.

Please stay safe and stay in touch.

We look forward to a full solution of the COVID-19 problem and a return back to our normal life, even wiser!

Best regards

Antonis Kassapis

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